Friday, July 9, 2010

Freedom Festival and 10K Freedom Run

In my family, I am the only runner. My wife has said she would "rather be drawn and quartered" than become a runner. Months ago her family decided it would be a "bonding" experience to participate in the 5K. My sister-in-law who works for one of the festival sponsors got us a pretty sweet discount. My wife put her feelings for running aside and signed up. I signed up for the 10K.

Packet Pick-up
Packet pick-up was on the 3rd of July. I was curious how the race shirt would fit after the diagram they supplied. The shirt wasn't too bad. A little short in the length, but overall surprisingly good. The additional race materials were mediocre, but I wasn't expecting much. They had a few vendors available, but the most interesting vendor was the Recovery Socks people. 
I've been interested in getting a pair for some time and at the urging of my wife I picked up a pair.

Race Day
Another 5:30 am morning. Did I mention how much I dislike mornings? This was a family event so everyone got to be up. I grabbed a gel just in case I needed a boost during the race. The family was all walking the 5K while I did the 10K. The starting points were at two different locations. My starting location was at the finish for both the 5K and 10K. I dropped the kids off at the finish and gave them instructions on where to meet at the end of the race. With over 4000 people running the race combined with spectators, I was a little nervous dropping them all off, but they did great.

The 10K started right on time. They had dividers for the various paces which made it much easier once the race began. I settled in at the back of the 7 min section. My plan was to maintain a 7:30-7:40 pace in the hopes of getting a new PR. While there were no sharp climbs like my last race, but there were still a few long uphill climbs. I felt stronger throughout the run. At mile 3, I turned onto the street where the Grand Parade following the race would be held. I came upon the rest of the family at their 1 1/2 mile mark and cheered them on. Coming into the last mile of the race, I still had the possibility of a PR...just a little more. The race turned onto the remaining incline and my energy level hit zero. Pulling into the finish, I saw my time of 46:12. Alas, no PR this day, but still a good race. My energy and stamina levels felt good. The rest of the family finished about 20 minutes later.

Following the morning festivities, we headed up to a family dinner and pool party—A nice finish to the weekend.


  1. thank for share?! The sam commentors need to figure out their translations

    Congrats on the race - too bad it wasn't another PR. I laughed because I remember that rediculous sizing chart for the shirts. what happened th SML?

  2. Adam,
    Everyone I talked to was confused over the same thing. I didn't see anyone with a too small shirt so maybe everyone just threw out the crazy chart and went with their shirt size. The shirts did have a zipper pocket.

  3. Way to go Blaine's family. Let's hope this is the beginning of many more to come.

  4. We cheered you on, too. Didn't you hear us? Maybe you were too into the "zone." :)

    I definitely want to do this again. It was so fun to be there with everyone. I must say, I almost agree with Shera. I don't really enjoy running unless I have a greater purpose than cardio... saving a child, finding a child, getting to the child's bus stop on time. I, however, would rather run than be drawn and quartered.

  5. Did you see the pix of you on the run? (and most of the fam...everyone, but me. What's up with that? I think I should get a refund. :)

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