Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Run Down

With the weather in the low 40s I decided it was time to break out the winter gear and go for a mid-afternoon run while there was a break in the storm. The run itself was uneventful 7.5 miles, but it did feel good to get outside for a longer mid-week run. I'll hit the track tomorrow for some speedwork as I prep for the Thanksgiving Day 5K. I'm looking forward to a new 5K PR. With my relay 5K being in the 23 minute range, my PR of 22:02 is within sight. Getting a PR will mean I am close to my pre-injury strength. I also need to get something better for my head during the cold runs. I generally have a wool blend cap that I wear, but by mid-run my head is boiling while my ears stay cold. I'm thinking one of those ear wraps.

One thing i've noticed is that after a run of more than 5 miles, I am utterly exhausted. I get home from the run and fix myself a recovery drink that has a good protein/carb mix then I shower. After getting dressed I will generally have something light to eat like a hamburger with fries sandwich or a couple nutrition bars and then a regular meal a few hours later. It doesn't seem to matter what goes in, my body is determined to mark the energy tank as empty.

Does anyone else have this problem? I find it difficult to focus on the rest of the day when my body is screaming sleep. Maybe my post-run nutrition is off.


  1. I've been feeling the same way for a couple years. Following a long run, I just really want to nap. I think they call it "Getting Old".

  2. If that's something new, are you getting enough sleep? Not enough sleep + longer runs are always disastrous for me if I want to accomplish anything afterward. As for post-run nutrition, make sure you're getting both carbs & protein within 30 minutes of your longer runs. (Less important for the short stuff.) That both helps replenish the glucose you used up in your muscles and helps your muscles repair & grow.

  3. If you're getting sleepy after a long run (but not other times) then I'm willing to bet it's nutrition based. Are you staying hydrated all day and not just during and after the run? Are you eating well (again, all day and not just after the run)?