Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Running–It's What I Do

I was asked the other day how I can spend all my time watching movies via Netflix do only one sport—running. I've been contemplating this. Here's a list of sports I've attempted:
  • P90X-too hard, too complicated, too many forms to fill out things to track, etc. Plus, when I start talking back to Tony as he is going through the exercises and laughing at the same joke over and over, then it's time to move on.
  • Swimming-I can't swim well and my ego gets in the way of taking lessons. I know I have talked about the possibility of a triathlon, but the thought of me in a speedo and swim cap just makes me shudder.
  • Basketball-hands, feet, dribble, run, guard. Again, way too complicated for me.
  • Biking-while appealing, I'd need to buy something better than the mountain bike that has gone through two winters in the backyard.
  • Weight training-I have a hard time understanding why this is even considered a sport. I always envision myself as a caveman in a rock lifting contest. I would be one that got squashed by the other caveman.
  • Baseball-I was always stuck in the outfield and my times on base were when I got hit by the ball.
Running on the other hand. I just have to do one thing–run. I don't have to catch anything, dribble anything (other than water as I'm attempting to get a drink), hit anything or pretend I'm a fish. I put on the shoes and run. It doesn't matter that I can't run in straight line or that anything more complicated than just running like drinking or opening a GU while running could get me pulled over for possible DUI if I were driving. 


  1. Here, here! Although, I actually do love golf and tennis, too, but running is my true love.

    Thanks so much for participating in my virtual 5k. Got your results?? I'll be raffling off prizes soon.

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