Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Older as a Runner

I know, two posts within a week. He must be avoiding work It's amazing! I have hit a turning point in my life. I'm faster, fatter, handsomer older. I have moved from one age bracket to a new one. For many people this may be cause for mourning, but for me, it is one of celebration. I'm moving into a less competitive age bracket. By now, a lot less 'weekend warriors' are on the road. Here are some of the plus sides of getting older.

Sure sucks when you get your butt whooped
by someone twice your age.

  • Less competition-i've discovered that there are a lot less people who have just taken up running as a 'bucket list item'
  • More media exposure-I'm no Max Hall, but how many mid-range guys have you seen in the news? All I have to do is run another 96 marathons and I'll be in the news.
  • Age bracket winner-Since I'm just barely in the next age division, this gives me a better possibility of beating out those who are nearing the next age group.
  • Better possibilities of getting in the work gossip pool-"Did you hear about Blaine's recent race? And he accomplished that at his age...." Unfortunately in my case, I am self-employed so the only comments that would be said are things like "We've been hearing about your running for 10 years now..."
  • I can now justify taking more rest days "in order to avoid over-training." This equates to more time to watch Deadliest Catch.
  • I can now justify wearing the medals more often because now it can be considered "weight training."
  • Older runners are able to throw out little pieces of information that younger runners will take as "wise advise" even if it is a bunch of crap.
  • I hear gray hair is a turn on. My hair is more of a dusty blond so the gray thing doesn't really work for me yet.
  • There is just something appealing when I pass some "twenty-something" in a race. The downside to this of course is when I get passed by some "twenty-something" with a stroller.
I'm sure there are plethora of other benefits to being in the next age bracket. I was looking forward to the 5 minute advantage I'd get for Boston, but since they changed the rules I'm stuck at where I was before the change.

While many people would be going through a mid-life crisis right now, I'm relishing in the possibilities.

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