Sunday, March 4, 2012

I definitely need a race

I thought that after I finished the New Year's half marathon that I would be good for a while. I had high hopes that the cravings would go away. I anticipated enjoying other people talk about their running accomplishments. I expected that I would coast to the Utah Valley Marathon in June and be a pleasant well-rounded runner.

Alas....NO! I'm considering a post in the personals section. Maybe it'll go something like this.

MPWMR (Married Pasty-White Male Runner) looking for IHM (Inexpensive half marathon). MPWMR likes PRs, nice medals and plenty of post race food. MPWMR promises to speak kindly of HM up to and after the event if the t-shirts are decent and the medal good . If interested, please send application.

I was anticipating being able to pace a few upcoming races, but so far that well has dried up. In my delirious state of mind, I even considered signing up for the Salt Lake City Marathon again this year. Yeah, the very same race that threw me off so badly last year that I postponed my June 2011 marathon 'til this year. I must be delirious, but not quite to the floating on air stage that this guy is.


  1. Riverton Half Marathon in 3.5 weeks! I'm aiming VERY high for this one! Come help me!

    1. Alas Whitney. The fact that it is on the 31st eliminates the possibility that I will be attending. You see I have a natural aversion to the number 31. If you take the 3 and the 1 and add them together you get 4. 4 is only two away from six which is also the number you get (2) when you subtract 1 from 3. Now if you were to take 3 and multiply it by 1 you get 3. Since we'e already established that 3+1 is close to six, you take 3 multiples of 6 and you get 666. We all know what that one means, right? So, that's why I can't do a race on the 31st. ;)

      I'll just stay at home that day and watch tv from 10-12 and 2-4. :)