Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Like falling off a bike

Since my knee has started acting up, my blogging/running seem to be going hand in hand. I did a quick 4 miles on Friday at my near normal speed with little pain. I have been diligently stretching and running the stick over the IT Band areas to keep things loose. So far so good. The downside to this is getting back into the habit of running. I fell off the bike per se and am struggling to get back on it.

It'll just take a few good runs and I'll be back, but pushing myself out the door to accomplish that is where I am at. I signed up for the local 5K that is next Saturday. This year they have better prizes so I am looking toward maybe a new PR and of course the thrill of beating the neighborhood kid this year. I'm counting on him being slowed down by his baseball and football practice that he has every morning.

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