Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mystery Diagnosis Solved

The official diagnosis of my knee problems is in. I was kind of hoping for something unusual that I could brag up to my running friends. Some sort or unknown phenomena that has a high cure rate or better yet, having the doctors tell me that they are in the final phases of a new leg replacement that will make Steve Austin (bionic man) look like a hamster on a wheel in comparison to where I will be.

Alas, no such luck. I have a more severe case of the good old IT Band than I had before on my other knee. I was given a prescription for Physical Therapy and told that if it doesn't get better then they'll do a cortisone shot. The good news is that now I have a name for my issue and I can work on my stretching and rolling techniques to get it feeling better. The bad news is that I don't get the bionic legs...

I have two weeks to get up to speed for the local 5K. Last year a kid up the street from me beat me by a good 2 minutes. I wasn't in the best of form last. This year I am determined to smoke his little 15 year old butt. Game on!!


  1. Hi,Linked to you blog through Runners Lounge. I just finished the San Diego rock n roll marathon ( my first) and have had it band issues since a month before the race. Gave it a full week's rest after the race, tried a super-easy dice after 1/2 mile. What type of doc diagnosed your injury? Did yours crop up after logging longer miles?

  2. I visited with sports medicine doctor because this time around the pain was different. The doctor pushed on some spots that really had me crawling out of my skin that were classic IT band spots. He recommended Physical Therapy to assist in stretching it out. I bought "the stick" to loosen it up and I'll see how that goes. I did do 4 miles the other day without pain. I have a chiropractor that is a sports medicine specialist who I can see also. Mine really came back after my last half marathon.

  3. I hope you can beat that 15 year old... good luck with the knee.