Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Running Photos: Where would I keep a camera?

I've been pondering over a comment I saw on another blog about running a first marathon. One bit of advice given was to enjoy the run, take pictures, talk with other runners, etc. Maybe I'm missing something here, but I thought the point was to get in, get it done, get the food, get the medal, feel the joy/agony of finishing, not walking faster than your average snail for two days after the race, etc.. In all my reading of Runner's World, reviewing blogs, speaking with fellow runners, etc. I have not come across this bit of advice. I did wonder how people could get photos a long the course, but figured they found someone they knew and got a few quick shots off. Now, I'm beginning to wonder if I've missed the boat.

Should I rush out and buy a small little digital camera or recorder? Yes, the performance anxiety is setting in. The little voice in the back of my head that says "what if everyone has camera's and video cameras and you don't? You'll stand out and people will point." It is an irrational fear, but one that has been troubling me for days. I have no idea where I would store a little device like that. It's not like my running shorts have pockets (ok, a couple pair that I got at ShopKo for like $3 on clearance do, but I don't race in them) and even if they did, where would I keep a camera? I've heard of women who have stuffed various items down their bras, but it doesn't transfer over to a guy stuffing something down his shorts. I pray I don't ever experience seeing it either.

I talked to my wife about the idea and she said she'd take some photos of me and others as we pass by. Unfortunately, the track record of her getting any photos of me at races this year has been dismal. Maybe I'll just find someone at the end of the race who brought their camera and I'll give them $10 to send me their photos, then I'll just photoshop me into them.

That sounds like a much better plan.


  1. there's always this one...

    VistaQuest VQ-1005B Mini Capture 1.3MP Camera (Blue)
    looks like it fits on a keychain!

  2. I always say I'm going to take my camera then I don't and wish I had. I have a spybelt that fits a small camera perfectly. I don't think the majority take a camera with them but you could consider taking a disposable.

  3. I always carry my camera during my marathons and ultra's. It is an Olympus 1030SW, thus waterproof (in case it rains) and shock proof (because invariable someone drops it about every 5-10 marathons). Previously I had a pentax that fell apart within a year because of aforementioned camera hazards.

    The spi-belt is a good option to carry it. Or if you are carrying a fuel belt or hyrdration pack, you can slip in it. Carrying your own waterbottle/fanny pack has the advantage that you do not have to preplan when you will eat/drink during your marathon (most have aid stations every 2-3 miles early on then every mile later on, but some marathons are less frequent). Also this enables you to carry your food/beverage of choice.

    There are many runners that do carry camera's and most folks with digital camera's are happy to send you pictures via e-mail if you have an easy to remember e-mail (firstname.lastname@gmail or yahoo are the best because then it is easy to look up the number). With digital camera's having storage space for 1000's of pictures I would suggest it is not a big deal to do.

    Good luck!