Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New shoes

My son decided about a month ago that he would get more serious and train for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day 5K. Last year he ran the race and did well for his first 5K. This year he's anticipating a better finish. I told him that I would cover 1/2 the race entry if he could show me that he can do 1 1/2 miles (by the early registration deadline) without stopping otherwise he was on his own for the race fees. He's 13 and earns enough that asking him to pay $6 for his registration fee is not asking too much.

He hit that mark on Tuesday and did 1 1/2 miles. It also happened to be time for him to get some new shoes. He had some asics that he wore down to nothing over the summer (a week long scout trip killed them off). I had a $10 off coupon to Fleet Feet from the 10K on Saturday so we headed down to the store.

Low and behold he has now wearing a size 7 mens shoe. I was a little surprised that he had grown that much. I also had a bit of sticker shock knowing that he is now wearing a $100 shoe instead of a $45 shoe. At first he was leaning toward the asics like he had before, but then he tried on the Mizuno's and made that instant connection. He's only 2 sizes away from my shoe size. He's decided that he's built for running and wants to eventually run a half marathon with me. I think I better start training harder so that he doesn't pass me by too soon.

I also get to make an addendum to my previous post about the family not desiring to come. My wife reminded me that she was driving our daughter to her class and I didn't give her any detailed directions on the start/finish.


  1. When I got my first pair of "real" running shoes I tried on Asics and Mizunos too. I fell in love with my Mizunos and have been wearing them ever since.

  2. WOW, size 7 at 13?! I barely fill out 9s (more like 8.5) now.