Thursday, October 29, 2009

Barefoot Running, Halloween Candy, Pain in my leg, Halloween Costumes

I've a lot of ideas today so I'll just spew out what's on my mind.

Barefoot Running
It seems that this topic comes around from time to time. I've wondered if barefoot running would be of value to me. The Vibram footwear looks really interesting but I'm not sure if it is of any value. There is a NY Times article about this issue. It seems the jury is out. I've read a few blogs where the runners swear that their stance and gait is better when they run barefoot on occasion. I've wondered if it is just psychological or if it would really be effective.
I was at my favorite running store the other day with my wife getting her some good running shoes. I saw the Vibrams, but I wasn't willing to pay the money to test out something that may be a day whim and that's it. So, I bought me a new pair of Mizuno Waveriders. Does anyone run barefoot or tried the Vibrams?

Halloween Candy
I bought more Halloween candy yesterday. This is one more reason why running is good. It offsets the Halloween candy that I consume before Halloween. I could wait and pick through my kids candy, but I find it easier to just buy what I like throughout the season and then stock up for all the kids in the neighborhood. I've wondered if I have a mini snickers bar before a race if that would accomplish the same thing as a GU would. Maybe I'll test that theory out at the upcoming Thanksgiving 5K. Yesterday was National Chocolate Day and I bought stuff to celebrate the day and didn't. I guess we will honor it tonight. Far be it from me to miss and important holiday.

Leg Pain
My leg is hurting today. I've come up with a few possibilities. 1. I ran 7 miles last night with two at a really fast pace 2. I ran last night with new shoes with two at a really fast pace 3. I've been pushing too hard and last nights 7 miles with two at a really fast pace did me in. 4. It's the weather, I've now got arthritis in the middle of my leg and I should stop running now because eating Halloween candy is much more fun than working off the Halloween candy.

Halloween Costumes
What's everyone doing for Halloween and what are your costumes? Here's the breakdown for my family.

Myself: It's been a struggle. Back in July my thought was to go all out and be "Teen Wolf" (yes, from the 80s movie...look it up if you're too young), then it was Professor Snape from Harry Potter (but my hair just doesn't grow fast enough and I'm not into doing a wig), then I was going to scrap the costume idea until I came up with the great idea. I'm going to go as a runner who has been run over (by other runners). I found this great website on making fake wounds so I found an old tech shirt and will have some foot prints going up the back of it with road rash on my arms and face. I'm looking forward to it.

My wife: Thanks to the above mentioned website, she is going as a zombie

Kid 1: No idea...he's 18, moved out and probably won't do anything.
Kid 2: He's going as Vince the Shamwow guy from the infomercials. He gets a kick out of them and was saddened when Billy Mays died. We found him a bunch of cheap kitchen gadgets that he is coming up with new names for them. He's got a Halloween party he'll be.
Kid 3: She's going as Alice from Twilight...her favorite series every (our copies are trashed from her reading and reading and drooling and drooling). The school sent out a notice saying no face paint so she's rather bummed about it.
Kid 4: Nascar driver the day after a horrible accident. She found a small leather jacket (like 4 sizes too small, but it works), has cut out various logos, found a arm sling, a walking boot brace for her leg (goes up to her thigh) and then will have various scrapes and wounds. We did her costume for her dance class last night and she freaked out a few people with the wounds.

That's it for today. Have a great day. I'll see if I can get some pictures up once Halloween is over.


  1. He might want to go as Billy...
    check it out

  2. I think me and the BF are going to go as Kara Goucher and Ryan Hall. None of my friends will get it, but whatever lol.

  3. I did get some clarification on the school e-mail. It was intended to mean no gory makeup. Apparently I was not the only parent questioning this e-mail.

  4. Kid #2 is AWESOME! I actually toyed with going as him but settled on Billy Mays :)

    The barefoot thing sure is "hip" right now. Not sure that I am willing to buy in - yet.