Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bits and Pieces

A whole host of random thoughts occurred today as I ran 6.5 miles.

First, I've switched from music to podcasts on my runs. Lately, the music seemed to drag me down and I would spend time flipping through my songs to see if I could find the perfect mix. It may be that the podcasts are just a change of routine, but I'm enjoying listen to various stories and information. In a way, it feels like I am running with someone who is just chatting about random things. Maybe I'll get tired of the chatter or maybe it is what I need to push to the next level in my training.

Second, I could really go for a nap about now. One thing I have noticed is that every run over 4 miles within an hour after finishing, I feel extremely worn out. I follow a good post run regimen of hydrating then drinking a post-run recovery drink of a carb/protein ration. Following the recovery drink I will usually have a good meal. Why should I be so exhausted?

Third, It feels really good to get back into a regular routine of running. My ankle tendon has cleared up, my quads have stopped hurting and overall I am feeling back on track. It's been good to remember why I enjoy running.

Fourth, my luck at winning free stuff on the web has been pretty poor non-existant, but Adam over at The Boring Runner is doing a giveaway. It's probably nothing you're interested in, so don't bother going to see it because it increases my chances of winning.

Finally, I was sent a book from The Runner's Lounge to review. It's a compilation of stories that the site founders published. I will take a moment in an upcoming post to give my review.


  1. More and more, I am feeling this way after runs. But that's probably because of the baby stealing all of my energy. And I'm guessing that's not what your problem is.

  2. That would definitely pose a problem on many fronts.

  3. 未來屬於那些相信他們美好夢想的人。 ..................................................

  4. The note above translates to The future belongs to those who believe they are beautiful dream.

    What a nice thought although I don't know exactly how that applies, but we'll just run with it. Thank you Google Translator.

  5. I agree with 則其則其 It is true - the future is a beautiful dream.

    glad to hear that you are finding a groove with your running. Running pain free is indeed a beautiful thing.

    I've got my fingers crossed for you w/ my giveaway!

  6. 當身處逆境時,要能忍一時之氣,吃一時之苦,並及早確立自己的目標,總有一天,你會嘗到那甘美的果實。 ..................................................

  7. Hi! What podcasts do you listen to? I am new to the world of podcasts but I think I would love them as company on my long runs.


    p.s. LOVE your blog