Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rain+Road Shoes+Trail=Pizza

What do you get when you cross rain, plus road shoes with a trail? Pizza of course!

That was the combination of today's run. As the leader of our Saturday group is prepping for a 50 mile race, we tend to spend a lot of time on trails. I've enjoyed the trail runs lately and know it will pay off when I have the Ragnar Wasatch back in June and also pacing my friend the last 17 miles of his 50 mile race on the 5th of June. The only kink in todays plan–rain. It's been a cold wet Spring and today was no exception. Last night it started raining and this morning it was a chilly 36 degrees when I rolled out of bed. By the time I was ready to leave, the rain had stopped, but the temperature was hovering around 39 degrees. This is cold for late May.

I threw on my road shoes (because I thought with the rain we'd just stay on the road), long sleeve shirt, jacket, hat and light gloves and drove to the meeting spot. Supercords and I were the only runners and the thought of 10 miles on a somewhat soggy Saturday morning just wasn't very appealing. We looked at what we both brought and he made the executive decision to run the trails anyway. The way was soggy, muddy, rocky and steep at times, but overall it was a great run. My shoes were thoroughly soaked by the time we finished, but in the process I discovered a few camping spots that I didn't know existed and the view was astonishing at times. The rain definitely clears the air.

I was partway home when Supercords called and invited me to a little pizza place in the city where we were running. Not passing up and opportunity for pizza and company, I turned the car around and met up with him. We were the first customers of the day, so we got to choose the pizza combinations for the buffet. After getting my drink I sat down and took off my very dirty shoes and wet socks. Overall a great Saturday run and good way to finish off a great training week of 4 runs.


  1. Pizza will make almost any run better!

  2. NICE. Post run pizza AND getting to choose what pizza you have on the buffett? That my friend, is GOLDEN

  3. Thanks for being such a good sport Blaine. I'm already looking forward to hitting those trails again--dry this time--and another post run pizza feast.