Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Price of Giving Feedback

In the majority of the races I have run, I have given feedback on the experience to the race organizers. I have always felt like if the race was well put together, then the organizers should know that. Same if the course sucked or had problems. I focus on what went well, what didn't and keep it constructive vs slamming or name-calling.

I felt that I had done this effectively when I sent a note to the race organizer of my recent 10K. I listed about 5 areas that I felt were lacking. At the end of my e-mail, I mentioned that I am open to being a volunteer next year if they need people with running experience who can offer insights.
I received an e-mail back from the race organizer yesterday thanking me for my note and in a nutshell telling me that the race sucked because of poor volunteers and not all of them are passionate about running, etc...

At the end of the e-mail back, she told me that she has submitted my name to the city committee in charge of the city festival recommending me to be the race director for next year. Ummm....wasn't expecting that! I guess there is a price to pay for giving feedback. I'll know in August if I'm going to be the man-in-charge next year. If so, then that means that I'll be organizing a 5K for May (kids school) and then a 5/10k in June.

Open mouth, insert foot.


  1. Lol, just makes me laugh... You'll be fabulous of course. Have you told your family yet????

  2. HAHAHA! That is great! :) I'd actually love to be an RD. Let me know if you need a side-kick...from Phoenix.

  3. Adam,
    If you want to come up here to be a side-kick, i'd be glad to have you on board. You could be my out of town rep to hit all the corporations for donations to the race. I could probably find you a good long race for you while you're here. :)

    You know my wife...she just rolled her eyes and laughed. I should figure out a way to make money off of these, but i've already made my check list of who to contact. I'll probably have better luck with some of the big sponsors since there is a bigger crowd. I haven't figured out the police presence angle yet. They charge a ton.

  4. 2 race director positions. You are going to be *so* rich!!!!

    Oh wait, that's right. They don't pay you.