Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Somebody Dropped the Ball

I was looking forward to the 10K this Saturday. The city has always done a 5K, so to add a 10K this year was a nice change. With a 10K, I don't feel as exhausted and I have a good possibility of placing in my age group. I've been a little concerned that I haven't heard about race packets or t-shirts—then I heard from the race coordinator today. Here is the information I was sent.

Are you ready???? Round-up your running shoes, the Lehi rodeo days race is just about a week away! Here is the link to the routes...
Attention- 10k route had to be chenged...

I'm ok with the route being changed, but the section in parenthesis is what has me steaming. Not only do I get to run the same route as the 5K participants, but then they also went one step further. They are starting the 10K 15 minutes later than the 5K, so that means that all the 10K participants get to wade through all the 5K walkers and strollers not once, but twice because we get to run the same path two times. I'm wondering if someone was in charge and dropped the ball.



  1. What the? They are making you start AFTER the 5K? And that makes sense... how?
    Bummer. Riverton City has a 10K next Saturday... :)

  2. I HATE it when they start the shorter race before the longer one. WHY do they do that???