Thursday, August 19, 2010

Epic Relay Recap

Epic Relay
Van 1 prior to race start. Notice the fresh looks
on everyone's faces.
Last weekend I spent a glorious Friday and Saturday running with a group of crazies like me like-minded individuals in a 195 mile run from Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, WY. I've never participated in a relay, but all the people are doing them now so I figured why not. I missed out on Ragnar, but when I heard that a few of my fellow Saturday run group members were organizing a team for Epic, I jumped at the chance.

30 hours later with an 9:05 average pace we arrived
in Jackson, WY.
You know you're a
Redneck when....
Friday at 6:30 am Van 1 of team "Remember the Tetons" met for the 2 hour drive to Logan. We started our race at 9:55 am. We were team 34 out of 50 teams. The race was a blast, the scenery was nice, but the company was outstanding. We were pushing for the "best decorated" van, but in the end we were beat out by a van that had a giant blow up monkey attached to the back door. Our team has already started making plans for next year...picture a float traveling down the highway with the Tetons on them with an occasional runner popping out of looking van 2011...take that monkey team.


  1. Got beat by a blowup monkey. If I had a dollar for everytime I said that....

  2. This sounds better than Ragnar... if only for the small number of teams involved. Also, your average pace is AWESOME.