Sunday, August 22, 2010

Continuing the Clif ShotBLOKS Experiments

I'm back in business! What? You didn't know I was ever out of business?

Technically I wasn't, but my selection of ShotBLOKS was dwindling to warning levels. I was dreading the day when I would have to resort to actually purchasing mine to continue my efforts to utilize ShotBLOKs in every day living. The very thought kept me awake at night made me pause. It was like one of those "If you had to escape your home in a rush, what would you take with you?" moments. If I had to stop my efforts to become rich and famous work on inventing new uses for these, what would I create?

Thankfully, the Clif company has come to my rescue. They have never seen such a strange use of their product seen the value in my efforts. When I arrived home on Wednesday after taking my wife away for an anniversary celebration I was given a package. I eagerly opened the package and peered inside. The heavens parted and light descended upon the contents of the package. There was no note, no invoice, no collections notice, just a rectangular box. I pulled out the box to behold a fresh case of Clif Cran-Razz ShotBLOKS. My request had been answered.

A little more than a week ago, I sent off a request to Clif requesting new supplies for my creations. It was via their "contact us" form on their website, so I had no idea if a live person even saw them. Apparently the fine people at Clif got my response and have restocked me enough to continue my work.

What next? Here are some ideas on the list.

  1. Granola Bars-I attempted these ones before with limited success. I think I have figured out how to truly pull this one off.
  2. A simple waffle/pancake syrup
  3. A syrup that be added to drinks
  4. Ice cream?? Would you buy a pint of Clif Cran-Razz Recovery Ice Cream? 
I'm open to additional suggestions...feel free to post a comment.


  1. If you make "recovery" cookies with chopped up shotblocks... I just might be tempted to try that. Along with the ice cream.

    And a pickle on the side.

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  3. Ohhhhh, the ice cream and pancake stuff sounds really good. Do it!!