Friday, September 3, 2010

Words to the Person who Cut off the Person who Caused the 6 Car Pile Up

The Pocatello Marathon is tomorrow and I won't be there.

Yesterday morning, my wife was involved in a 6-car pile-up thanks to a person who cut off the person 3 cars in front of my wife. She stopped in time, but the 3 cars behind her didn't.

I am grateful that she is ok. My wife and I grew up in the same neighborhood for a few years, lost touch in High School, met up again at our High School Reunion (the only one i've been to) and just celebrated 15 years of marriage. She's banged up, but will be ok. In speaking with her this morning, she wasn't comfortable being here banged up with the kids and me being 4 hours away. She's more important than the marathon.

There is a marathon in two weeks just a short twenty minutes from here. It starts at the Kennecot Copper mines which happens to be one of the few locations that can be seen from space. Maybe they can get the International Space Station to give us some words before the race...that'd be cool.

Alas, our van wasn't so lucky and I don't know if it will recover.


  1. Horrible! Glad that your wife is okay though!

  2. So sad to hear about your wife...
    Wish for a faster recovery..