Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Running the Gap Marathon

It's finally come. The marathon that I signed up for in the spring is this Saturday. It's turned into a family event. My father and Aunt are doing the 10k, my sister and her husband are doing the half-marathon and I'm doing the marathon.

When I signed up for the race, I had grand plans of possibly getting qualified for Boston with this race. Today, I just want it to be over and to be faster than my previous marathon time of 3:49. I have no plans for a BQ with this race. In fact, my training over the past 3 weeks has been dismal with my miles for the week barely hitting double digits.

I have a whole list of excuses why I haven't been, school starting for my kids, work, etc. but it really comes down to a lack of commitment. I want the results, but haven't been willing to put in the effort to get the efforts. I make some grand plans to put in 5-6 day a week runs only to throw it out the window.

I'm hoping that finishing the race will give me that boost to train for something more. I'd like to get another marathon in during the fall. I've wondered if I planned my race too far out. Should I have done one sooner? I'm considering signing up for a Spring marathon for next year instead of doing all the half's again.

My goals for the race:
1. Finish
2. Finish under 3:49
3. Finish without ever walking any of the course

I'll let you know Monday how this went...have a great weekend.


  1. Good luck, good luck!! I grew up in Pocatello - if I wasn't 7+ months pregnant I'd be doing something up there this weekend. Post race food: Ross Park Drive In - Taco Spaghetti. Or maybe Buddy's for some garlic breath. Or Mama Inez for some cheese crips. :)

  2. Good Luck to you. I am a native Utahn who lived in Pocatello for two years (06-08), and I am now living in Portland training for the Portland Marathon on 10.10.10. I have been checking out some running blogs to gain inspiration to start my own which I just did this weekend, and keep myself motivated after a sprained ankle. Your blog is great! Oh yes & I second with Whitney, Mama Inez has some great cheese crisp and fish tacos in Pocatello!! Enjoy.