Monday, April 25, 2011

Bank President for a Day

When I started college, I had a dream career. My dream was to be an architect. I loved to see building constructed, liked the design aspect of it, enjoyed drafting and art. I felt like this would be a perfect fit. Reality struck me fast and hard when I failed College Algebra twice before passing it. I received a C+ in Physics 101 and graciously bowed out of Physics 201 while I still could. Math and Science are not my strong points. My career path changed from Architecture to Graphic Design and here I am today. Graphic Design Professional with my own business.

The benefits of being my own boss is that I can work when I want and go for ice cream whenever I want. If I feel like running at 11:00 am then I can. Of course, the downside to being my own boss is that if I don't work, I don't eat. I have no built-in benefits. The absolute biggest boon to my career is that I am available to my kids. I've been on a plethora of field trips where I get to run wild down the halls be chaperone. In this instance, I got to be the Bank President.

It's a smaller branch, but were were
plotting the takeover of the rival bank.
Apparently, there is a little known city called "JA Biztown" right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. In fact, I ran right by it as I finished the Salt Lake City Marathon.

The fifth grade at my daughter's school have been learning all about business and they got to go to JA Biztown for the day to get some hands-on experience at being a "grown up." I on the other hand being the tallest kid in the fifth grade was given the opportunity last Thursday to oversee the kids working in on of the banks of JA Biztown. Although my pay was only one JA Biztown Dollar and an all-day parking validation, I did get to experience the joy of having minions be the chief for a day.

The CFO was obviously
strategizing how to wring
more money out of the
The bank employees consisted of a CEO, CFO, 2 Tellers and a Savings Manager. First thing we did in the morning was lock each other in the vault approve loans to the various businesses. Our CEO was a real watchdog. If the paperwork wasn't in order, she rejected the loan and sent them packing. The CFO caught on quick and had the bank payroll in the employees hands. We decided our motto was "At Zion's Bank, we pay ourselves first."

The daughter (right) as
she promoted her business
via the local tv studio
With my one dollar in hand, I went and bought a package of cookies from the JA Biztown store. At the end of the day, we earned back all our loan money plus interest.

At the end of the day, I decided that I liked having people to boss around being the bank president, but it was a lot more work than what I am willing to invest. I'll stick with design.

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