Monday, April 18, 2011

Salt Lake City Marathon Recap

On Saturday, I finished the Salt Lake City Marathon. After months of training and anticipation, I was ready for this race. The only concern I had was whether or not my being sick for a week would put a serious dent in my plan.

I'll sum of the race rather than doing a play by play.

What went well:

  • Starting slower and giving my legs some time to warm up.
  • Using the Honeybucket before the race even though the gun had gone off.
  • Focusing on continuing to run even when everything said "stop".
  • Having my wife there at the finish line and supporting me in my efforts!! 
  • Feeling the sense of accomplishment from finishing.
  • Hydrating well the week of the race.
What didn't work so well:
  • Getting to the starting line later than planned. This happened because the light rail shuttle had mechanical problems.
  • Having a slightly upset stomach that didn't allow me to fuel well before the race.
  • Drinking so much that I had to pee during the race.
  • Slowing down rather than pushing it to the max. 
In the end, the race course was a lot more hilly than I anticipated. My 13 mile split was 1:50 which was exactly where I wanted to be for my time. The last 13 however was 2:05 which put me way over. A couple  of the factors that led to the long second split included:

  • Lack of being able to eat well before the race. 
  • Stopping to stretch my shins and mile 16.
  • Stopping for Honeybucket at mile 17. 
  • Slowing down before I really needed too. 
  • In part...not being able to taper very well. I went from a stellar last week of training to nothing because of sickness. 
I finished the race in 3:55:50 which was better than my 4:30 performance last fall, but off of my 3:40 goal. 

The post-race offerings were good and the race medal was the best of the three years I have participated (either in the half or the full).

I doubt I will ever do the SLC Full Marathon again, but it was a nice to have it done. Because of a not-so-great finish, I get to revisit my training plan for my next race in June.

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  1. I'm kind of sad that I didn't participate this year... especially since you say the medal is the best one yet! Darn! 4 years of not so great medals and I miss it!
    Congrats on the time - it's always been my strategy to use the Honey Bucket after the gun goes off. The lines get so short - and you don't have as big of a crowd to bob-and-weave around.