Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Got Toenails?

How far will a runner go for an additional medal? Here are some brief statistics in my case.

930 miles
$200 gas
47 total hours in the car
23 total miles running
90 degree temperatures
1 toenail that is officially 'questionable' terminal
infinite number of 'honey-dos' to make up for the time gone

2 finisher medals

The Las Vegas Ragnar Relay was the past weekend. In June, I put together a team of 12 runners to take on this event. One of the most motivating factors was the possibility of receiving an additional medal. Ragnar offers a second medal for anyone who runs the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay and the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay in the same year. Leading up to the race was a long and sometimes frustrating experience.

I ran this race last year, but missed out on the second medal because I didn't complete the Wasatch Back Relay that year also. I wasn't about to let that second medal slip away this year.

The race itself was uneventful other than the 90 degree weather during my day runs, the lack of sleep at night and the running took everything I had, but it was a good way to round out the running season.

This was also my third relay for the year. I'm relay'd out. I plan on holding off on any more relays until something fantastic comes along.
Van 2: L to R Melanie, Terece, Cami, Me, Chad, Jeff
By running both the Wasatch Back (middle)
and the Las Vegas (right), I received the
Saints and Sinners medal (left)


  1. Great job! Those Ragnar races are intense! I'd love to try Vegas one of these years! My co-workers at Salt Lake Running Company love it!

  2. Awesome! I need a good bottle opener of all of those Mexican Cokes that I drink.

    Your running season is over? Sad. I'm looking for a holiday race in December to keep me going.

  3. Whitney,
    I'll pick up a few things I'm sure, but there is nothing scheduled right now. I have a half in January though. I like Mexican Pepsi better than Coke though.

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