Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Netflix-You Made My Day

The weather has moved from Fall to Winter here in the Northern Utah area. On Saturday, the valley areas got 1-3" of snow, while the mountains got up to 24" in some areas. The wind on the other hand was nasty and mean. I however, have not resigned myself yet to break out my cold weather gear. Yes, I'm in denial. However, I am transitioning into putting in more time on the treadmill on those "not so nice" winter days.

Today, I put in seven miles on the treadmill. Normally by seven miles I start thinking about creative ways to get the little dots to go around faster and faster. I then imagine how fast I need to make the treadmill go before it throws me off or if I time it just right if I could fling myself off and take out the treadmill runner behind me. Today, was a magical moment for me. The local rec center added public wi-fi to the facility. No longer am I forced to choose between the ipod or the three different programs on the tv monitors. I can have NETFLIX.

Today's run was one of my more pleasant treadmill workouts. The only thing I have to remember is to make sure that I don't stop to watch whatever is on more closely or for sure I will be launching myself into the treadmill behind me.

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