Friday, May 4, 2012

Marathon Pacing Anxiety

I'm pacing the Provo City Marathon tomorrow. After tomorrow, I will take a short break (a few days off) and then make my final push for the Utah Valley Marathon. I've worked to keep up my training while at the same time pacing some races. My mileage went as follows for the weeks of each race.

Salt Lake City Marathon: 56 miles
Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon: 48 miles
Provo City Marathon: 38 miles (26.2 of that comes from the marathon itself)

It has been harder and harder to keep my miles up and still do a big race at the end of the week. Without any context, my desire to keep putting in the long miles flies in the face of traditional marathon training. Normally, I would take  a two week taper leading up to the marathon and at least 5 days off after the marathon and then build back up slowly for the next 4-5 days.

In pacing however, I have treated each of the races as training runs. The Salt Lake City Marathon I ran a 10:17 pace. Thanksgiving Point I ran a 9:32 pace. Both of these are slower than what I would have run these had I not been pacing. I am however, slightly nervous about tomorrow. Why?

Because I am pacing the 3:55 marathon finish time. This equates to a 8:57 pace time. While I have been training to run at a faster pace than this and the course is mainly downhill, it still has me nervous. Why?
Last year, I ran the Salt Lake City Marathon in 3:55. Of course the Salt Lake City Marathon was more hilly and my training sucked.

I'm playing mind games with myself. The ones that go like:

• Should I wear my fuel belt or not?
• Will I burn myself out on the downhill despite the fact that I ran a 1:50 half last year on practically the same course as a pacer?
• What if you burn out and finish slower than 3:55? Will they kick you out of the pace group?
• Which GU should I bring?
• You only ran 12 miles this week before the race. Will it be enough?
• etc..

The best I can do is run, stay steady and finish in 3:55. My training has been strong, i'm in better shape than ever. This will be a good prep for Utah Valley though.

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