Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Unbelievable Feat with Photographic Evidence

If I was going to list of the best and worst photo categories, here is where I would put them.

Glamor photos
Nature photos
Classic once in a lifetime sport photos
Candid shots of the family that are timeless no matter how often you look at them

Mug shots
Driver's License
Passport photos
High School Year Book photos

Where would you put race photos? 

After the Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon, I'm wondering when there are great race photos. 

Probably the best photo I've ever had
during a race.
The closest that I have ever had was at the Salt Lake City Marathon a few weeks ago. I was at a comfortable enough pace that I could enjoy giving high-fives to the kids and prep for the camera.

On the other hand, at Thanksgiving Point I was having wardrobe issues that got caught on camera. Here's how it went down with a little pre-story so you get the full picture.

Race Day Temp when I left my car: 36 degrees warming up to low 60s for the day
Skies: Clear and sunny
Race Day Apparel: Long pants with my shorts underneath, long sleeve top with pacing singlet on top, gloves, running jacket that I tossed into the clothing bin at mile 1.

Race Strategy: Thanksgiving Point is generous in their aid station and GU. They have 4 aid stations with GU for the course of the half marathon. I'm a 1-2 GU type person and I ALWAYS bring my own so that there are no surprises. I will usually grab a couple and stash them for when I am training. Thanksgiving Point is a great race to grab a few extra. I planned on this, but forgot one simple shorts (which have pockets with zippers) are under my pants. 

I'm running along, chatting with runners and doing my pacer thing when we get to an aid station with GU. I grab a couple and just have them in my hand for the next mile or two.  They got hard to manage after a couple miles so I opted to put them in my short's pocket.  Had I been thinking, I would have stopped, put them in my short's pocket and kept going. Instead, I thought I could manage getting the GU in my pocket, while holding a sign, while running without stopping. 

I wonder what runner 821 is thinking when
she looks at her race photos?

I even have the photo to prove it!

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