Sunday, March 10, 2013

I May Need a 7 Step Program

Sometimes I wonder if maybe the title is more interesting than the post will be. If you read this and feel that way, feel free to just go back and focus on the title and disregard what I am writing.

I'm opening up my heart and soul here. I'm being "vulnerable" as my wife puts it. I'm bearing it all, holding nothing back....

My name is Blaine and I think that I may need a 7 step program.

You see, I'm a running store addict. I have about as much control as a compulsive gambler has to not hit the blackjack while at The Mirage in Vegas. It's hopeless. I have no! I walk into a running store and I am instantly drawn to the wall of shoes or rack of socks or or...yes, I'm going to even admit it..............I love the clearance rack.

It became clear to me that I have a problem last week. As a pacer for the upcoming Salt Lake City Marathon, Adidas is outfitting the pacing team in Adidas gear. I went to a local running store to try on a couple different pair of Adidas shoes to figure out which one would be best for me to wear while pacing. I told my wife that I would be in and out fast.

I told the salesperson that I just needed to try on the Adidas shoes because I was pacing and had a free pair coming to me. He brought out a couple pair for me to try on and then we got talking about my current shoes. I'm currently running in the Brooks Launch and the Saucony Kinvara. Both are starting to show their wear. I'm sure my eyes were starting to glaze over at that time as we talked running and the salesperson knew he had an addict on his hands. His commission would look good for the day.

As he brought out a variety of other shoes, he suggested I run around the outside of the store in a couple different pair. I was a goner by then. I had started the justification process of how I would explain to my wife the box of shoes that I would be bringing out. I thought about hiding the box under my jacket or something or maybe telling the salesman that I'd swing back by and get them later.

In the end, I sucked up my utter lack of willpower and walked out of the store with my new pair of Brooks Pure Connect shoes.

I know..I know...I already was getting a new pair of shoes, but look at them? Can you see how I couldn't pass them up? Yeah and they are red...i've never had red ones.

I'm open to good therapist recommendations.


  1. If you find that therapist, maybe he/she would give a family discount...I'm as addicted to fabric & the shoes...I have thread that color...maybe you need a scarf to match....

    1. Jo, if you make me one I can wear while on a run I'll take it.

    2. hmmm - will add it to my list..

  2. Ha! Everyone has their "thing"...

  3. Haha, I can completely relate to your story -- particularly the part where you thought about hiding the box under your jacket as you walked out of the store. I always fear that look I get from my wife when I tell her I bought yet another [some kind of exercise gear I already have three more of]. That's how I feel every time I come out of a running or cycling store. I'm an addict too. I may need to join you in that 7 step program.