Monday, April 1, 2013

Michigan Journey

Sunday March 17 started out as any other Sunday. It involved me anticipating an easy day filled with things like being with the family, attending church, talking with some friends, etc. Toward the end of the day, we received word that my wife's grandmother in Michigan was close to dying. That's enough to turn a Sunday upside down.

After some debate, discussion and pondering we decided to drive out. We have worked to follow a philosophy of "family first" and this fit into that category. It also involved the kids missing the last week of their term and the first week of the new term. It also involved about 30 hours of total drive time one way.

Our thought was that we would get there in time to say goodbye or to attend a funeral. The first being our preference, but the latter would be ok too. 

I plan to chronicle a few of the more interesting events that occurred over the 8 day trip. Some of it involved running, a lot of it involved eating, most of it just involved a runner experiencing a road trip. 

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