Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

Another Halloween has passed and now the seasonal sugar high has begun. I was looking forward to some deeply discounted Halloween candy at WalMart, but no such luck. They had it listed for the same prices as before, but they just stuck them in carts with the words clearance on them. Sneaky!

The events of the day started with a sort of Halloween party at a clients office (I used to be employed by them so I am still invited to their events). Several weeks before the plan was that everyone would dress up and we'd have a pot luck lunch. By Friday it had turned into a "everyone do their own thing and dress up as you'd like". I dressed up and another person at the office did and that was it. Cafe Rio was the pot luck location. I'm glad they start taking orders early because by 10:30 am I was starving.

The kids went to school in costume. The e-mail sent by the school saying "no makeup" initially ruined the kids costume ideas, but upon clarification it was "no gory makeup" (amazing what a comma will do). I did enjoy the looks I received as I was driving around town and picking up the kids.

This year, the kids all went their separate ways so Friday night the wife and I hit the local Hollywood Video for our Halloween hits. She wanted to watch "Fire in the Sky" even though I warned her it was a freaky show. She agreed with me after that it was freaky. We then proceeded through "My Life in Ruins" starring some of the people from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (a favorite of ours) and ending with "The Matrix".

Overall it was a successful Halloween.

Billy Mays showed up to give us an OxiClean demonstration (Thanks Jo for the contest info...we'll know Thursday if he won)

Our local Nascar driver showed up. She recently got in a severe crash and had the wounds to prove it. Don't let the barrette fool you. She'll kick your butt and tell you that she "she likes your shoes".

Running can be hazardous especially in a race. If you're not careful you may just get run over and have some severe road rash.

Alice being a vampire and all didn't show up in the photo we took, so you'll just have to imagine the surprise at the school when she showed up.

One thing to note. Liquid latex is awesome, but it also pulls out hair. I have two sections of my arm that have no hair...a small price to pay.

Oh and Saturday morning I got in a nice easy 5 miles with the Saturday group.


  1. YES! The costumes were great. I heard that Billy Mays was a very popular costume – and why WOULDN”T he be!?



  2. Adam, that's awesome...did you enter the contest?