Wednesday, January 27, 2010

4 miles and a new trail

There is a trail that runs all along the wasatch front here in Utah. Currently the trail is not all connected. I guess each county is responsible for connecting their part and they slowly buy up land when they can. Recently they have expanded the trail a mile from my home. In order to avoid the temporal rift that caught me off guard last week, I took a left instead of a right. I came upon the new trail (which is paved) and decided to test it out. LOVE IT! It's paved, there are no cars and it's just me and the road.
I got in 4 miles in a much better time (28 minutes) versus my sucktastic 3 miles last time.
This Saturday I start my race season with the Hale Freezes over 10K. With my P90X training, it has been tough to get in the miles, but I am pretty confident I can get 6 in. The P90X training has been incredible. It's definitely a high intensity program. I'm on week 4 which is supposedly the "recovery" week. I'm not sure who decided on that name because in many ways it is harder than the previous 3 weeks. I'm looking forward to next week so I can recover from my "recovery week".


  1. Will this be the first time we've raced together? I'm looking forward to it too--they have some pretty good prizes for the drawing.

    I want to run this new trail you speak of. Let's bring the group out there the first Saturday in Feb.


  2. That will be fun. I'll have to run it the full length to see how far it goes. I think I caught it in the middle. I'm looking forward to the race. Maybe I'll be able to keep up with you.

  3. holy cow, 4 miles in 28 minutes?! You are twice as fast as I am!! The new trail sounds great!

  4. I love those paved bike paths. They are usually black-top so they are a little softer on my knees than sidewalks.

    Very strange that they don't connect them all.

  5. This trail system isn't one big long flat trail. It winds around mountains, lakes, streams over several counties. The mile marker where I started my run was mile 150.