Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Too Sore to Run

I started my new cross-training regimen on Monday. I am so glad I went with my gut on this one and kept my sweat at home. The kids think I am incredibly uncoordinated and seem to feel that as the sweat is dripping down my chin is the perfect time to come and ask for assistance with Math or Spelling. Can't they see that if I stop I may never start again.
I am officially sore in the top half of my body. I am holding myself back to only running 2-3 days a week instead of working back up to 5 or 6. As of right now though, I'm doing good to be able to pick up the shampoo bottle.

My marathon choice for 2010 is full. No Ogden marathon for me this year. If I do the Salt Lake Marathon instead of the half that will fulfill my goal of a marathon in the spring. One of the big downsides to Salt Lake vs Ogden marathons is that my experience with Salt Lake is that they are a little more selfish when it comes to the on-the-road energy supplements. Since I have no way of placing in any of the marathons I need to come up with an alternate way of rewarding myself. I know, you're thinking "Isn't the medal enough?" No. It's not. I'm thinking I should start collecting Clif Bars, Gel packs and anything that is wrapped as a supplement to my current stash. Ogden would be like the Chuck-O-Rama of marathon goodies whereas Salt Lake is more like Lean Cuisine. Who wants Lean Cuisine after running 26.2 miles? I deserve better.....


  1. Glad cross training is going well for you. The off season is the best time to work on strength!

  2. You mean you don't have a bucket-o-energy treats like me? I run enough races that I've never seen the bottom. I can float you a few if you decide to run SLC with me.

  3. Now I know why you have that big fuel belt. It's to store all the treats you get from your races.

  4. What about the stale bagels at the end? Mmmmm, treats.

    Glad the X-Train is going well