Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Upcoming Clearance Sale on Insulated Wine Cooler

I have a deal that will be a deal shortly from Kohl's. If you are a deal fanatic, a person obsessed with only buying items on clearance then I have a deal for you.

Kohl's has released it's latest branded Insulated Wine Cooler. In addition, it is branded with a Top 20 college team. This is the perfect companion item for any true fan to bring with them to the game. You'll be the star among all your other tailgating friends when you pull out your cooler just before the brats are done cooking. "Pass me another cold one..." you'll say to your friend. Watch as he reaches into his sporty new insulated wine cooler and pulls out a frosty bottle of 2% Milk. that's refreshment.

Unfortunately, someone in Kohl's college branding department was looking at the wrong list of target markets for this item. If I were a University of Florida fan, this would be a no-brainer...gotta have it. Brigham Young University on the other hand is not high on the list of wine bibbing universities. In fact, they are at the bottom. For the past twelve years, BYU has been ranked as the #1 Stone Cold Sober University.

While I am no psychic, I foresee that this particular item will be on their clearance rack for a long time.

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