Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No half-marathons when I need one

The idea came to me the other day as I was lamenting the fact that my spring half marathon plans have done about as well as NBC's coverage of the US vs Canada hockey game. I really want to do a half in March. Last weeks 16 mile run on Saturday really sparked the desire again for me. My first scheduled date was March 20, but I'll be in Michigan and then my fall back date was March 27, but then I was reminded of a long standing previous commitment. It's pretty bleak for my March schedule.

The idea came to me that perhaps there would be a half marathon somewhere near where I will be. Alas, no luck. I did some searching and there are a few in the Chicago area on the 21st, but since we have family plans that day it would mean driving down, racing and driving back. That would then result in my muscles cementing themselves into a permanent seated position.

It looks like I'm out of luck for March. I'll settle for a 13 mile run on the 20th in the East Lansing Area.

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  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I’m looking for an april half marathon and can’t find one for the life of me within driving distance. You’d think I lived in the middle of a desert wasteland! Oh wait….

    Hopefully you’re able to find something! You could always do it virtual!