Monday, March 1, 2010

Change in Schedule–Half Marathon Option

Remember how I was lamenting the fact that I couldn't run a half in March? That all changed last week as my wife was evaluating our plans to juggle the Michigan trip, work, a leadership course and a trip to Texas all within the March/April time frame. The leadership course got bumped to September which opened up March 27 for me. When she came up with that idea, my first reaction was to jump up, run to the computer and sign up for the Riverton half-marathon on that day. Luckily, after 15 years of marriage I have learned that this would not have worked out well. I calmly and cooly said something like "I feel that your idea is a good will definitely take some stress off of your school work and finding someone to watch the kids." (notice how I didn't bring up the half-marathon at all and kept the focus on her and the kids?–That's a useful tip)

Since then I am to the point where I could successfully add the Riverton half to the calendar without anyone balking at the idea.

Am I excited? Cartwheels if I could do them excited! The side benefit to this is that my younger sister is doing her first half at the same race so it will be like a family deal. I also have a friend from my Saturday running group running it also.


  1. Good advice. Nicely played. :)

  2. I take it your wife doesn't read this blog, otherwise she'll be on to you for the next time.

    Good think early registration goes through March 10th. I still need to sign up myself. Looking forward to racing with you again.


  3. ha, nice. I just might have to bookmark this under 'awesome marriage advice'