Thursday, April 15, 2010

Expo 1 Race for Cause 0

The Expo for the Salt Lake Marathon opened today. Supercords and I drove up and were some of the first ones to arrive. They had a pretty orderly set up. First stop was to locate my bib number then head to the appropriate area that was in my bib number range. I headed to the half marathon area and Supercords to the full marathon. I was all excited when I saw the lines and the signs designating the various number ranges because my section had only 1 person in the line and all the others around it were packed-sucks for them. I got to the front and realized why there was only one person. They had shifted the numbering and now my area is at the back of the long line 2 rows down-sucks for me. I got in line and impatiently waited.

The race organizers are doing a new chip system. It is a little rectangular device that sticks to the back of my bib. I don't have to return it at the end of the race–bonus! I anxiously awaited getting my bib so I could show the world my race for the cause moment–In honor of everyone who have been harmed by six-fingered men. I looked at my bib and to my disbelief there is only a number. ONLY A NUMBER?! No Inigo Montoya to be found. Why have the option of a name on the registration form if I can't get it on my bib? I'm devastated, deflated and down right annoyed. Saddened, I picked up my bag and left the area.

I looked down the row of booths to see my friend wave me over. He had an excited look on his face like a kid at Christmas and he proceeded to tell me that the Nordic Track booth had clearance stuff out for cheap. Not wanting to pass up a good buy, I took a look to see if it was truly a sale or just things for sale. The Christmas morning feeling flooded through my entire body when I saw the items on clearance and the price– 2 for $15 or 1 for $10. Nordic Track sponsors enough races that they had left over swag–score for me! I picked up two new shorts and two long sleeve tops made from the material that warms as you wear it and supposedly cools also. Supercords picked up a great running jacket and various other items.

The time on our parking meter was expiring so we hurried through the remainder of the expo. We avoided the Samsclub lady pitching memberships, but scored on the free granola bars. I almost won a chopping board from Minute Rice but ended up with two refrigerator magnets instead. We both scored free t-shirts from a race sponsor promoting their half marathon and entered for various giveaways. I also scored a coupon for some free chocolate milk. This time I won't walk 5 miles only to discover that the store doesn't carry the brand.

In the end, I am pissed disappointed that my bib doesn't have Inigo Montoya written on it, but I am thrilled with the new swag. The shirt we got for the race was good. It's a light gray this year as opposed to the red from last year. The shorts are a definite go for the race, but the tops may have to wait a while as the weather is going to be warm enough for a short sleeve. In the end, Expo 1, Cause 0. Next step, writing on my bib.


  1. Oh yeah...p.s. Did you hear that Jess is doing a giveaway.

  2. I am new to your blog. Good luck on your race this weekend!

  3. I hate the day before races. All I do is worry about what I'm eating and whether I'll have to go #2 after I leave my house in the morning. Don't forget to lay out your running clothes tonight.