Thursday, April 1, 2010

Running For a Cause

I signed up for two upcoming half marathons yesterday. On the Salt Lake City Half Marathon sign up, I was going through the online form and it had a spot for a name on bib if different than my first name. I've never been offered this choice before. I see it in the elite runners all the time and felt a little honored. This quickly left me when I started debating whether I really wanted my name on the bib or if I could run as an alter ego. I got to thinking of all the possibilities with this option. I could easily succumb into mediocrity and just have my name on the bib or I could do something different.

What did I do? I decided to run for a cause. I could have joined the cancer team or the run for leukemia or something prestigious like that. Again though, why would I want to stay mainstream? I decided to honor "Inigo Montoya." He definitely had a worthy cause and he certainly did a lot of running. I'm running the Salt Lake Half Marathon in honor of all those people have been killed by six-finger men. I am sure there are plenty of six-finger men out there that are upstanding citizens, but for those few who have suffered by their hand (hah!), I'm here for you. If they have an announcer like they did last year, maybe I'll cross the finish line having him say something like "...Inigo Montoya, way to finish..." then I'll fist pump the air do something ceremonial in honor of this cause.