Friday, January 28, 2011

Running Around...Literally.

Last week I logged 32 miles in my running. I'm on track to meet or exceed this. My life recently has spun into a routine that revolves around running. Here's what's currently on my list.

1. Training for upcoming races. I am working toward qualifying for Boston by my June marathon.
2. Assisting my son in his running. He's planning on joining the cross-country team in the fall and run his first half-marathon in the late spring. This assistance involve me going to the track with him and running in addition to my regular training.
3. I am working with the local Fleet Feet store in coaching their half-marathon training group. They were looking for volunteers and I felt this was a good opportunity to give back. On Tuesday and Saturday I get to share my vast wealth of running expertise, my vast knowledge of useless information my love of the sport with others.
4. Race director for Renaissance Academy Race for Literacy. This is the third year i've run this race for my kids' school. This year I have a host of volunteers which drives the control freak in me crazy makes it easy.
5. Race director for the city celebration in June. I opened my mouth last year and offered some feedback to the 2010 race. Guess what that got me? An invitation to put my butt on the line and do better.

I currently have two training schedules on my running board. The first is the schedule for the Half-marathon training group that I am coaching. The second is my marathon training.

While there are days that I am doing two runs in the day and looking for sponsors during down times with my business, I am enjoying my days. I'm enjoying the feeling of tight calves and the little aches and pains associated with my increasing mileage.

The next question is whether I will survive this continued training schedule. We'll see....

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  1. I had no idea you were going for Boston. I passed through that phase a few years ago, until I nearly killed myself trying to qualify at St. George. Now my plan is to wait until I'm in my 60's. :)