Friday, January 14, 2011

What Am I Supposed to Do Now? Cancer to Gemini

According to the latest horoscope news my sign has changed from Cancer to Gemini. This new little bit of information has me as confused as a runner coming off a snow-covered trail only to discover that he missed a turn somewhere.  My running has been thrown off also. For instance, today my horoscope with Cancer is:

You may wonder if you're losing your memory today. You might have the strange feeling that there was something you had to do but can't quite remember what. Don't worry about it, Cancer. 

With this reasoning I could totally "forget" about running today and instead of feeling guilty about it, I could just chalk it up to my horoscope.

But now that has all changed. As a Gemini this is what I am supposed to be about:

The best way to relieve the jumpiness is to get some exercise - at least take a walk.

See? Now what I supposed to do? I've been living a carefree life as a Cancer centered runner and now I'm supposed to just turn into a Gemini centered runner? Just like that? There was no notice!

I attempted to express my feelings via my Facebook page. I was told a variety of options ranging from "it's a bunch of hooey" to "Live life like it's my last day alive".  While I can picture myself going out for a run on my last day, I doubt it would be anything serious. In fact, I think it would fun to just "kill over" in the middle of one of my running paths...but that has to be a story for another day.

If it were my last day,  it would look something like this...

Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Just split the difference: worry about going running but don't actually do it. All the stars will be satisfied now.