Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Not a Jogger

I ran across a Pearl Izumi poster entitled Runners Are Not Joggers. I've pondered on this question myself whenever I go to the track or to the gym.

When I started running, I went from nothing to running. I didn't go from nothing to exercise to jogging to running. I bypassed any in-between steps and jumped right into running. I don't know how to jog.

The words in my running conversations include "intervals" "tempo runs" "paces", etc. I don't think joggers use these words. I believe that jogging is somewhat similar to an easy run, but at a slower pace and for shorted distances. For instance, I have never heard anyone say they went for a "3 mile jog" or "long jog" Instead they just say that they "went jogging". I used the words "went for a run," but this implies that there was some distance involved and that I was staying at a certain pace.

An article I read commented that jogging was anything over a 9 minute pace, but I think it is more defined by goals involved. Jogging does not involve races. Even someone who doesn't run a 9 minute mile could still be defined as a runner if he/she is involved in racing. Racing requires a dedicated effort to achieve.

I have no disrespect for Joggers. They are making a conscious effort in keeping themselves healthy, but I don't think I'll ever be one.


  1. I try really hard to be a "runner" and not a jogger. I appreciate your acceptance of the slower runners. Because I am slow. So very slow.

  2. I've seen the poster before... It brings up a lot of questions. I think I've decided that I finally consider myself a "runner" but I do squeeze in the occasional jog (guess that's how I think of easy runs.)

  3. Whitney, two of the people in my running group that I am coaching are 11-12 minute runners. While I'm faster than that, it is their maximum effort. I think maybe it has more to do with the goal and the desire than it has to do with speed.