Monday, February 21, 2011

Boston Fever?

After a strong winter of continued running, I started toying with the idea of getting a Boston Qualifying time this year. My training has been solid. The course I chose is a faster course which gives me a bit of an edge. Things were looking hopeful if I continued on the same path.

I returned home on Thursday after a solid Interval run. After a shower, I sat down to compose an email to the 1/2 marathon group I coach. I pulled up a few blogs to discover that the Boston Athletic Association changed the qualifying registration process for 2012 and the times for 2013.

My first reaction looked something like this.

After spending some time digesting this, I think I have come to the following conclusion.

It's their race and they can do whatever they want.

I could go on and on about how the BAA is similar to the BCS system in their catering to the elite runners and ruining the sport for those who struggle and work their butts off just to qualify, but I won't. If someone really wants to thumb their nose at the Boston Marathon, there are 5 other states (Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Virginia) that offer a city named Boston....surely someone could create a marathon there.

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