Saturday, February 26, 2011

16 Miler Weekend

The forecast for the weekend called for a winter storm which meant my Saturday long run became questionable. There was the possibility of running indoors, but the thought of 16 miles on a treadmill was daunting.

Thursday night: Winds pick up, gusts of over 30 mph
Friday morning: 6 inches of snow on my driveway. Definitely not looking good for Saturday.
Friday 5:00 pm: Snow has stopped, temps got up to 43 degrees, snow has melted. Forecast calls for part 2 of the storm to come through in the early morning. I'm thinking maybe I can get in a run between the storm. If the roads are clear, I can handle running through a snowstorm as long as it is not a white-out.
Saturday 5:00 am: I wake up for some reason. I get up to check outside. There is a little snow, but it isn't snowing and the roads are clear.
Saturday 6:00 am: I'm up, showering and having breakfast
Saturday 7:30 am: I'm on the road. There is a little bit of wind and snow, but not much. Things are looking good.

The rest of the run was uneventful, occasional gusts of wind, some snow patches, but in the end 16.65 miles done. My average pace was 9:03 which is under the 9:15 that I should be at for my training.

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