Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Impulse Marathons

In December, I made a list of marathons and half marathons that I would like to run this year. In January, I looked at my budget for the upcoming year and started scratching off the races that I wasn't passionate about running. I had the Salt Lake City Half Marathon on the list, but then I was going to skip it for another  half that is only 10 minutes from my house.

Then I got an email from Active.com with a coupon for $15 off the Marathon or Half Marathon. I put it on my "to be considered" list until I saw a post from a friend who said she's running the half. Next thing I know,  my "to be considered" is now "actively considering" the half. This would be my third time running this race. I know the course well and know about the leg killing climb 2 miles before the finish. Do I really want to run the half again? I get thinking "what if I run the full marathon?" And "what would my training schedule be?" I printed off a schedule from Runner's World and discovered that I already am running the routine it set. In fact, I'm pushing harder to meet my goal of a BQ in June.

Tuesday morning I got online, filled out the form and submitted my registration for the full marathon.

There is a point in the race where the marathon and half marathon split. The half does a U-turn and runs on the other side of the road (there is a concrete island dividing the street) for a 1/2 mile. The marathon continues straight. I always get thinking at this point "I'm sure glad I'm only doing the half." I wonder if this year I'll be thinking "man, I wish I was running the half.." Ahh well, maybe I could resurrect my "cause" for this race.


  1. I'm really bummed... this will be my first year (in 5) that I'm not running the SL 1/2. But I just can't justify the money. The support and swag gets worse every year. :(

  2. Whitney, I hear you. I stewed and stewed over it. Finally, just the fact that I wanted to experience the full (and the coupon) won out. I agree on the support and swag though. I think they are still riding on the fact that when they started they were part of an elite few for races, but now there are a lot of options out there.