Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Biggest Medal Ever Marathon

In my office, I have a board with my race medals and many of my bibs scattered around the board. My wife was admiring my board the other day and told me that my Ragnar medal was by far the biggest of the medals. I agreed with her assessment and mentioned that because I'll be running both the Wasatch Back Ragnar and the Las Vegas Ragnar that I'll be getting two medals instead of the usual one. Why am I excited about the idea?

Because it's all about the medal.

After my legs recover and i've tossed the promotional material that comes in the race bags, the only thing left is the t-shirt, the bib and the medal. T-shirt goes in the drawer and will be used occasionally in training runs. The bib will become a background element or go in the other drawer.

The medal on the other hand......the medal is the center piece on my board. It is the holy grail of running. I'm in it for the medal...the bigger the better. It's my belt buckle, my olympic medal, my reason for dragging my butt out the door.

I'm throwing off the misconception that I'm running for fitness, for the thrill of competition, for the excitement of pushing my limits for anything other than the medal at the end of the race.

My idea of a good race would be "The Biggest Medal Ever Marathon." This would be the race for me. No illusions over what I'll be getting at the end of the race.


  1. can never have enough medals although now its become more about the belt buckle for me. Toronto Goodlife medal is the biggest I have ever seen, its HUGE

  2. My thoughts exactly. I love me some medals.