Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Recipe for Breakfast Before 13 Miles

What has 692 calories, 18 g fat, 113 g carbohydrates, 692 calories, and 28 g protein? My breakfast yesterday morning before a 17 mile run.

I like sleep. Especially on the weekends. I dislike waking up when I don't have to take anyone to be anywhere or take anyone anywhere. As a result, I wait until the last minute to get out of bed for my long run. I also wait until the last minute to eat something for breakfast. It usually looks like a Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich with a protein drink on the side. This week I purposely got up early to test out a new breakfast concept. 

Clearly this photo would look much better
had I taken it before adding the yogurt.
 I received an email earlier in the week from for an "Unbeatable Breakfast". It had a testimonial from Ironman Chrissie Wellington touting this breakfast. I was in an adventurous mood this week so I picked up the multitude of ingredients. On Friday evening, I started to put all the ingredients together. The first thing I noticed was that it can't fit in a normal size container. I had to get out a feed bag mixing bowl to fit all the ingredients. The wife and kids looked at my prepared meal calculating which of my personal belonging they would get if I died from this  in wonder at how much food was there.

It took me about 30 minutes to get through the meal because I was busy on facebook I wanted to give myself a head start on digesting. Surprisingly my body took this new meal in stride with no complaint. After the meal, I was full, but not busting at the seams. I started the run feeling no slow-down or sluggishness. Midway through the run, I did an internal check of where I was for energy and I still felt good. It wasn't until about mile 14 did I start to feel like I needed something to keep going. After I got home from the run and was prepping my ice bath, I noticed that while I was hungry, I wasn't starving.

New pre-run breakfast now on the books.

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