Friday, March 18, 2011

Reasons for Relays

Last year I ran my first Relay. I had heard people talk about them and the fun they were. The reoccurring comment has been "I had a really great time except for the running." After participating in two relays, I have to concur. The opportunity to be teamed up with fellow runners with for 30-40 hours can be a very smelly experience is a great experience. Plus, there is always great scenery involved and the opportunity to wear a costume when its not Halloween, meeting runners from all over without the seriousness of competition.

This year, I've signed up for the Wasatch Back Ragnar, Epic Relay and Las Vegas Ragnar. The downside to a Relay is the cost involved. A typical Marathon will cost between $75-$150 for the registration. So far, all of my marathons have been within driving distance so there hasn't been any need for a hotel. With a relay however, there is the registration, the gas involved, the food for the trip, the possible hotels. I spend an additional $200 on average in addition to the relay registration.

Is it worth the extra price involved? Absolutely. I'll sign up in a heartbeat.

Is anyone running an relays?


  1. Good luck with the Shamrock tomorrow! Have you heard about the "Rivalry Relay"? It's in August (I think) and you run from the U to the Y. So it only takes the day - which appeals to me! Then I don't have to leave my baby.

  2. Yeah relays can be a blast. Hope to get one or two in this year at some point