Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Kings are Dead, but We Still Have the Boss

If you haven't heard, the King of Pop is dead. If you truly haven't heard, where are you? With every radio station and TV stations covering every bit of coverage how could it be missed?

As I was out yesterday morning, I got a bit of a panic attack as I was contemplating Michael Jackson's demise. The King of Rock n Roll is dead and now the King of Pop is dead. Is this the end of music as we know it? Will we be forced to listen to talk radio all the time? Will the itunes store turn into podcasts and country? It's a scary proposition.

As I was slowing in my pace and about to stop and sink into the pavement, a warming sensation came over me. I double checked to make sure that my bladder control was still in check. After reassuring myself that I was still in control of my bodily functions, I discovered where this sensation came from. You see, we may have lost the King of Rock n Roll and the King of Pop, but we are not left alone. We still have the Boss.

Like any good Monarchy, the line of authority has now been handed to the Boss. He will see that the music word still continues to churn. My runs will continue to have my custom built soundtrack to accompany them and the balance between talk radio and music will remain. Whew...that was close.


  1. And, of course, we still have the "Queen of Soul", Aretha Franklin, with us.

  2. Too funny! You make me laugh. You get me thinking about things I otherwise wouldn't have.

    Josh says, "Too bad we can't get rid of Prince." I don't think Prince is that bad...

  3. Thank god for the Boss!! This was a great post, glad I stumbled upon it (yay Runners Lounge!)