Friday, July 10, 2009

TIART: My Running Soundtrack

If MGM Studios ever decides to do a documentary on my running life, I will be ready with the soundtrack to go with it. I've decided that in honor of the Runner's Lounge doing their Take It and Run Thursday on running playlists, I'll contribute a few choice songs from my soundtrack.

As the picture begins, the screen is dark. Then you hear the melodius sounds of my clock radio going off at 6:04 am (I calculated exactly how long I could sleep and still get up, get dressed, get some toast or a bagel with peanut butter, get a drink and still get out the door by 6:30 am.)

The Play and the Fight from the Finding Neverland Soundtrack starts. You'll see me putting on my socks, lacing up my shoes, running my hand through my thinning hair and battling the ever present tug to just go back to bed. It's a struggle every morning to get out the door.

6:30 comes and I'm out the door. My neighbor and running partner is just coming up the street. He's always in a great mood and the music that follows him is Get on Your Feet by Gloria Estefan. The music following me is more like The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks as I once again convince my body that this really is a good thing.

Once I hit the pavement and my feet start moving the music switches to Magic by the Cars. After a few minutes of casual chatter, we fall into a rhythm. The magic of running builds and I forget that less than an hour ago I was deep in my dreams. One to two miles in, the muscles are loose, it's just me and the pavement.

Today I am running hills. This particular 8 miles has a good amount of hills of various shapes and sizes. The first one is known among the runner's in my area as "Death Hill" because by the time you go down and back up, you feel ready for the shovel and grave. Miley Cyrus is at the top of the hill singing The Climb (this must be a nightmare–and yes, I own this song because of my two daughters that have learned that if they buy their own iTunes gift card, I have little say in what they download.)

I reach the top of the hill. I have vanquished it once again. The adrenaline rush has kicked in and New Divide by Linkin Park. I am the Man! I just conquered Death Hill and now I am ready for anything. I tackle the remaining hills and laugh at their petty attempts to slow me down (I didn't say that this movie soundtrack was non-fiction.) The guitar solos from the song echo as I finish up the last few miles of my run. I finish up my run with So Alive by Love and Rockets. It was good to get out. My mind is more clear, my body is ready for whatever the day brings. I do some light stretching before going in the house. As I walk in the front door, At the End of the Day from the Les Miserables soundtrack plays and the show ends.

Obviously this was one of my better runs.

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