Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time for some new shoes

It's time to start breaking in some new shoes. First I get to buy another pair. Since this weekend there will be no time for a long Saturday morning run, I took advantage of a break in my workload and ran this morning. By the end of the 11 miles, my feet felt like they had been flattened like in the cartoons where the coyote gets his foot run over and then it is 3 times as wide. That's what it felt like this morning. I bought my current shoes off the clearance rack. They were the 2008 Mizuno model. They have been fabulous shoes and will probably make some great everyday shoes, but they have seen better running days.

I could go back to Asics which have served me well in the past, but these Mizunos have also been fabulous. The one thing I will do different is get one with just a bit more support than my current model. I'm not looking forward to going shoe shopping. It's not that I dislike shopping, but I struggle with shoes. They have to be just right and I tend to be a creature of habit. I can't just go into a store, find my fit and then buy, they have to connect with me. I went to get some casual brown shoes a month ago. We went to various shoe stores, but there wasn't the selection I wanted so we went to the mega shoe store. I found one pair I liked, but decided I really should get two pair. I got a pair in a contrasting style and went over to assist my wife in getting her a pair of shoes. In that period of time, I put down the pair I first chose and wandered back to the men's section. I found a different pair that I liked better so I put the original second pair back and picked up the new pair. When I got home, I took the shoes out of the box and sure enough, I bought two pair of shoes with almost the identical style, just different brands.

So, this weekend I will start my quest for new shoes.

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