Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sock Dilemma

The Top of Utah Marathon is this weekend. I've picked up some new shorts (with pockets...no safety pins here), i've picked out the shoes I will wear and have worn them on enough runs that they have molded to my feet or my feet have molded to them. I'm pretty sure I will go with my long sleeve top since the weather at the start will be around 45 degrees and the finish will only be in the mid 70s. My new dilemma is with the socks.

In the past, I had my day to day running socks and then my super nice (meaning I had to pay more than $5 for one pair) socks that I saved for long runs or races. They were like the white shirt that hangs in my closet and only comes out on really special occasions unlike my other non-white dress shirts which come out on a regular basis—that and the fact that a white shirt really shows when it hasn't been ironed and a color one is easier to get away with not ironing. These were the "special socks". My kids knew that they were only reserved for special times. No one touched the "special socks". If I found that my socks were put in one of the kids drawers there was hell to pay (maybe not hell but I'm sure maybe heck was involved). They were like the lucky rabbits foot. I felt energized and ready for the race when they went on. Now, they've lost their magic.

Last month, the WRIGHTSOCK people sent me six pair of socks to test and guess what? I absolutely love the socks. Even the ones I thought were way too thick I wear now with my roomier shoes. I'm stuck now because I've lost my magic socks. Which pair will I wear now? Will it be the coolmesh ones that are ultra thin? Maybe the Running IIs which have the great arch ribbing so that my socks don't bunch? Maybe the SLX pair with their cool looking gray and red accent colors? I can't pack my gear until this has been resolved.

If I should choose incorrectly, it could blow my whole marathon strategy (I plan on having one by Saturday morning). I might be stuck with a Game Time Decision here. I may end up bringing the three pair that I like best and then choosing the morning of the race or if worse comes to worse, I could always safety pin the other two pair to my shorts so that I could just grab them and change. Although that has it's own drawbacks so that is out of the question. At least I have discovered where my limit is on how far I'll stoop in resolving this dilemma.

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