Thursday, September 3, 2009

WRIGHTSOCK Challenge Wrap Up

I finished the WRIGHTSOCK Challenge last night with a end of challenge conference call. Thank you to Runner's Lounge for giving me the opportunity to participate and a BIG THANK YOU to Tom and Pam at WRIGHTSOCK for providing the socks. I learned a lot about my sock preferences and how important they are for me as a runner.

I felt that I gave these socks a great test. They ran through short runs, long runs, hill training, speed training, wind, rain, mud, weeds, more weeds and everything in between. A few of the runs I finished expecting to have a blister or two and then to my pleasant surprise finding out that I was blister free.

There wasn't a single pair of socks that I really disliked out of the 6 pair I was sent. A few I will save for cooler weather or when I wear a different shoe, but in all they are great.

I'm not at a dilemma in my running. My running socks originally mingled with my day to day socks, but now my running socks are beginning to take over the sock drawer. Likewise the drawer that holds my running clothes is also at max capacity. I've got to either sort through the drawers and thin out my selections or I get to free up space elsewhere for my running clothes.

In other news, I decided to start my slow taper toward the marathon in 2 weeks. Originally I planned only a two week taper, but my desire to do anymore speedwork or hill work has completely gone out the window since last Saturday's run. I plan on just taking it easy, doing some shorter maintenance runs and then being in top shape for the marathon.

Tonight is the start of college football and I'll be going back and forth between watching the Utah game and participating in the live draft for the Half-Fast fantasy football league.

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