Sunday, September 13, 2009

State Fair Time

As a follow up to my poor decision to run down the canyon on Saturday, we went to the State Fair.

I haven't been to a State Fair since I was in High School when a painting I did for a competition won and was sent to the fair. I remember the fair was quite boring, but that was also 20 years ago. I have since matured and now enjoy walking through the various exhibits, seeing the animals (all the time wondering what the difference is between the first place cow and the second place cow), and enjoying the poor nutritional food choices available.

Make no mistake. If you go to the fair and expect to get a high quality meal, you may wish to consider getting some professional assistance. The fair is where all the taboo items on the runner's nutrition list can be found. Luckily, my fringe eating policy allows me to dabble in the dark arts of fair food.

One item that I have longed for since I first heard of its inception is a deep fried twinkie. It combines the two best food groups: the twinkie food group and the deep fried anything food group.

After an hour of wandering around the fair, we came upon the Holy Grail that I had been seeking. The deep fried twinkie booth appeared from the mists and was now in front of me. My mouth immediately started to water while inhaling the luscious odor of cooking oil and batter. Immediately my feet began moving and I shouted to the kids to join me in this feast.

Upon arriving at the stand, I noticed a large sign that had the words "New This Year: Deep Fried Brownie Deluxe" in big bold yellow letters. Next to the letters was the photo was a huge photo of a batter fried square on a stick covered in whip cream and chocolate sauce. How could I resist? Of course I couldn't. The whip cream didn't stay around long, but my first bite into the brownie was beyond words. The fried outside was perfect, the inside brownie was warm and gooey oozing with chocolate fudge. Heaven...

After the trip down into sugar high lane, we stopped in at the fine arts exhibits and low and behold there was a butter cow exhibit. A friend of mine recently went to the Iowa State Fair and bragged about the Butter Cow on exhibit. I saw her photos and I have to say that it was an impressive representation of a cow, but it pales in comparison to the ones on exhibit here. The artists took some artistic liberty and the result is in the photo.

Next year, I'll plan on the deep fried booth again. Maybe I'll go for the deep fried PB&J or the deep fried oreos.

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