Friday, May 22, 2009

DL List

It's official. I am putting myself on the DL list until I can get my knee to cooperate. I'm a little frustrated over the fact that despite my efforts to be careful, my knee has opted to do something different. I ran last Saturday and had no real problems. I was sore a little after but nothing serious. I had pretty much taken the week off before that. Since my last Half Marathon, I have slowed down my running to a slower pace to recover before training for a full marathon.

Last night I went with the wife to the gym and hopped on the treadmill. Maybe it is the treadmill seeking revenge for all the nasty things I said about it in earlier posts (I felt justified in that it was the one that threw me off). I stretched out my hamstrings a little before starting, stretched out the IT Band and got on with a brisk walking pace working up to a full run. It wasn't even a tempo or speedwork, just a casual run. At first my knee was a little achy, but nothing I haven't experienced in the past. The pain level increased as I got farther into the run and at 1 1/2 miles it decided it had had enough. So I slowed down to more of a walk and it calmed down (still hurt a bit when my hill would hit the ground, but not bad). I ramped up the speed again and it gave me the signal that there would be no supporting my weight.

I'm back to wondering what the issue is and what to do about it. I had IT Band issues on the other knee, but this is in a different spot and more toward the back of the knee. I'm taking the weekend off, icing and resting to see if maybe I have just jumped back in to training too soon. Next week, I'll be in Chicago and was looking forward to some runs there, but that is in the air for now.

Good news is that I wasn't planning on signing up for the 10K until race day. The half marathon in Bear Lake is out of the question at this point. My next race is the local 5K the city puts on every year at the end of June. But don't worry. I'll ramble about something else while I am down.


  1. Well, heck, if you've got some extra time in Chicago because you're not running, you could stop by Oak Wood Cemetery and take pictures of the new headstones (2008) at Shera's great-great-grandfather's grave. Just a thought. (If you don't, or can't, it's okay, since I'lll be up there sometime next summer anyway.)

  2. Sorry about your knee. They are such finicky things I think. Hope it feels better soon and that you are back to running soon.